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Stephan Baby Silver Rattle

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Silver Keepsake Baby Rattle by Stephan Baby

There aren’t a whole lot of baby gifts out there that are as timeless and classy as that of silver. This stunning silver-plated rattle has smooth ends that can be engraved with your own message. The tinkling sound of the rattle are sure to bring a smile to your little one’s face. This 4-inch keepsake rattle has a classic silhouette and a non-tarnish finish that make it one of the top gifts for any expectant parent.

The stem is small enough so that little one’s can easily grab ahold of the rattle, yet large enough for you to personalize it according to your specifications. This rattle by Stephan is sure to end up a cherished heirloom years down the road. Since back in 1987, Stephan Baby has worked hard to deliver quality items that are unique and heartwarming all while you celebrate your little one’s first year. It’s an all-around perfect gift.

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