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CloudB Sweet Dreamz On The Go Owl

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All babies get fussy and flustered at times, and when they do, it's hard for them to fall asleep. This is quite natural, but when it happens while the family is travelling, it can disturb and distress the entire family, not to mention the occupants of the hotel room next door. These are times when a family needs the CloudB Sweet Dreamz On The Go Owl.

This little owl not only plays a variety of sounds and melodies, all of them soothing, but his wise face can light the baby's sleeping space with an equally soothing amber glow. Equipped with a heart-shaped clip, the dual function soother/night light is just the right size to attach to a stroller, car seat, or crib. Since babies, young as they are, have their preferences, the Sweet Dreamz On The Go Owl offers a choice of comforting sounds to choose from: four musical, and four white noise types. The white noise selections include a simulation of a mother's heartbeat, a quieting shh sound, a calm rain, and the sound of the ocean. The soft melodies include Clair de Lune, Satie, Le La Lu, and Lullaby Waltz.

The night light automatically shuts off after 15 minutes, and the sound machine, after 45 minutes. But when you choose to set the built-in sound sensor , should the baby awaken and start to fuss the device will be reactivated.

MPN: 7670-OW

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Features of CloudB Sweet Dreamz On The Go Owl

    • volume control
    • battery-saving 15 minute / 45 minute sound shut off switch
    • flexible clip for quick attaching and detaching
    • battery operation

The CloudB Sweet Dreamz On The Go Owl requires three AAA batteries. Not included.

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How It Works

Since what soothes one baby may not work with another, The Sweet DreamZ Owl offers three modes to choose from: night light only; sound and light with sound sensor; sound and light without sensor. Selecting your baby's best mode is as easy as pushing a button:

Push it once and baby will have a calming nightlight and soothing sound or music

Push it twice and the sound sensor will be activated.

Push it three times and it's on a silent, light only mode

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