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Tomy Sort and Pop Spinning UFO

Tomy Sort and Pop Spinning UFO

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The Tomy Sort and Pop Spinning UFO s perfect for an inquisitive toddler! With several different types of shapes to sort, your little one can then watch them pop. Then the toy spins around to surprise! the child. If they press the spaceship, the top spins around and around. Children will be excited to sort the five different shapes. The blocks correspond to the appropriately shaped and colored hole, therefore even if a child doesn't necessarily know how to match the shapes they could just match the colors. This toy is designed for 12 months to 24 months. Not suitable for children under 10 months. UFO still requires correct shape sorting or color matching skills—once all five blocks are properly placed inside the UFO craft, the silly waving green alien can be pushed down. That starts the craft spinning back upwards while releasing blocks everywhere.