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CloudB Tranquil Frog

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Your little ones will love their new plush bedtime buddy. Tranquil Frog is a night-light that promotes the use of your child's senses, comforting him with the rippling underwater lighting effect and playing your choice of a soothing lullaby or peaceful white noise to encourage sleep.

Unlike other sensory night lights that focus on lighting tricks or sound effects, CloudB Tranquil Frog is a full-sensory experience. With a push of the button, children open the door to their imagination with the projection of a soothing green light. You choose whether to add movement to the effect; the wave motion really makes it feel like you're underwater watching light bounce off the surface of the water. Choose from Ocean Waves or Seaside Serenade and your choice of two melodies.

MPN: 7423-FG

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Features of Tranquil Frog™

    • 3 AA batteries ARE included
    • Suitable for infants, toddlers and older children
    • Easily individualized to meet a variety of temperaments
    • Multi-sensory experience for increased effectiveness
    • Follows pediatrician's recommendations for promoting restful sleep
    • Sturdy construction
    • Comes with adoption certificate and storybook
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    As parents, you will appreciate the fully-controllable settings that allow you to adjust the experience for your child. For children who are sound sensitive, the night light features six volume levels so you can turn it down or up to suit your child's needs. Brightness is also adjustable.

    Pediatricians recommend children sleep in a dark and quiet environment to maximize the benefits of deep sleep. Our CloudB Tranquil Frog has a built-in 23-minute timer to allow silence once your kids are asleep, allowing your little one to sleep faster and longer without the worry you'll wake her up when you come to turn the light off.

    CloudB Tranquil Frog encourages your child to use her imagination and gives her a new companion for bedtime. The frog comes with adoption certificate so kids can name their new friend and completely integrate it into their nighttime routine. Composed of soft plush with a hard plastic exterior, Tranquil Frog is sturdy enough for even the roughest sleep buddy.

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