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Vulli Fanfan the Fawn

Vulli Fanfan the Fawn

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The Vulli Fanfan the Fawn Story

Fanfan the Fawn is the first fawn that has been made using only 100% rubber that is natural and it is painted with food paint. This toy will draw in your child’s attention immediately and you will love how it stimulates your child’s senses helping them to develop even more.

The first thing you will see is the dark spots that are painted on FanFan… these spots are highly contrasted and they are all over his body. This will make it easy for your child to see it and they will become familiar with seeing those spots which will make it easy for your baby to recognize it.

Fanfan also has a whistling feature that will help in developing your child’s hearing. This feature will also aide in letting your child see cause and effect… when you squeeze FanFan he will whistle!

Fanfan the Fawn is extremely flexible due to being made from rubber and he is a great toy for your child to chew on; this is especially good when they are teething. It will sooth itching gums and it’s safe for your child to teethe on it.

This toy is also lightweight and easy for your baby to hold on to. The texture will remind your child of mommy’s soft skin and it is also reassuring.

The smell of the rubber that Fanfan is made of helps with your child’s sense of smell; they will be able to recognize this toy from all of the rest of them because of the pleasing and unique smell.