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Vulli Sophie The Giraffe Natural Infant Teether

Vulli Sophie The Giraffe Natural Infant Teether

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Vulli Sophie The Giraffe Natural Infant Teether Details

The Sophie Giraffe is the ultimate tool to get a mother and her baby through the teething process. The Natural Rubber Teether is Phthalates and BPA free, made of 100 percent natural rubber and food paint, all materials guaranteed not to harm a child at all. The Giraffe has been popular in France for decades, and the reason is that the toy offers a unique experience that will complement a child’s teething process. Each hand painted Sophie Giraffe is as unique as the baby’s teeth are. There has never been a perfect tool to help the mom and the child through the teething process and make the transition as smooth as possible.

Vulli Sophie The Giraffe Natural Infant Teether has many advantages. First, its chewable nature helps the baby immensely during the teething process. The Giraffe can withstand copious amounts of baby chewing for a substantial amount of time. Secondly, the Teether has a squeaky feature that helps develop the bay’s hearing as well as keep her amused and excited. Third, the toy is designed to help the body start to develop cognitive abilities by recognizing the different colors on the Giraffe. Being able to recognize different colors and patterns will speed up the child’s brain development. The toy is so easy to hold on to helping the baby learn how to grasp and hold on to things from an early age.

Sophie the Giraffe is an excellent companion through a very tough time during a child’s development. It tremendously helps ease the discomfort of the teething process. The baby can have a physical and emotional buffer that is always present in its life. The smell of rubber is very particular, and it attracts the child so that it can chew on it. The Sophie Giraffe Teether is guaranteed to deliver results. The beautiful aesthetics of the Giraffe are designed to attract the child visually. If you make use of the Callison Giraffe Teether, you can be assured that when your baby starts to smile the sight of her beautiful teeth will be the most adorable thing you have ever seen. Buy the Sophie Giraffe and let Teething be fun.