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Washable Rug by Lorena Canals Hippy Soft Blue

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Washable Rug by Lorena Canals Hippy 4 x 5'3"

The Washable Rug by Lorena Canals Hippy style is a handmade 100% all natural cotton rug made in India. The playful and harmonious zigzag and fringed patterned design make it a universal fit for any room in the house. The Lorena Canals Hippy Rug follows strict manufacturing standards for children; all non-toxic and non-polluting dyes are used. Make your next special occasions such as a housewarming, birthday, or even a baby shower a little extra special with the unique, handmade Washable Rug by Lorena Canals in Hippy. Somethings just need a softer touch.

Washing and Care Instructions

  • Wash separately in the washing machine at 30 degrees maximum.
  • Use a soft cycle without bleach.
  • Tumble dry at low temperature.
  • Avoid continuous exposure to the sun.
  • Do not worry if fluff appears. It is helpful to sweep the rug with a stiff broom in the direction of the plush for the first few days and a vacuum cleaner regularly.
  • If you find a long or loose thread, cut it with scissors. Never pull it.


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