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Boon Fly Drying Rack Accesory

Boon Fly Drying Rack Accesory

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It will solve your space problems, and even keep your baby products in order and avoid losing any more parts. It is designed to allow you to conveniently hold the smaller components such as bottles, rings, pacifiers, and cups while keeping the larger items below. It is so convenient that parents often order more than one. It stands upright at 10 inches tall and the two pieces assemble easily. The base of the fly drying rack accessory is white while the floating butterfly on top is orange with white antennas. It is designed to match and fit into nearly any themed house and kitchen.

The Fly Drying Rack Accessory by Boon is made with the safety of you, your family, and your child in mind. It is made with durable and high quality materials all of which happen to be chemical free. It meets many standards and even goes beyond as the chemicals not included in this sturdy product are BPA, Phthalate and PVC free and easily cleans with warm water, soap, and a wash cloth. It is recommended that the product not be boiled, microwaved or put in a dish washer as you may damage it as well as surrounding items.

The overall dimensions of the fly drying rack accessory are 10 inches high by 5.6 inches wide at the top and 0.5 inches deep. 



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