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Boon Frog Pod Bath Toy Scoop

Boon Frog Pod Bath Toy Scoop

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Boon Fly Drying Rack Accessory

Parents know that after bathtime there is always the dilemma of where to put all the bath toys. With the Boon Frog Pod Bath Toy Scoop you are able to keep and store small bath toys in one place, with this generously sized storage. 

A storage helped for the bathtub. This will help keep your bath toys and accessories in one spot. Just remove the scoop from the base of the frog by lifting the handle, scoop all of your childs bath toys with one swooping motion and watch as they fall into the scoop. Once they are in the scoop, put that under the faucet to rinse out any soap residue from the toys. The scoop has holes in it allowing all the water to drain out from it and not allowing any mold or mildew to form on the toys. After rinsing, simply reattach the scoop containing the toys back onto the frog pod. The fingers and toes of the frog allow you to hang additional sponges from them. 

Not only is this a great compartment for storage but also have it’s own built in shelf with the frog pod for all of your child's bathing needs such as soap, shampoo, or bubble bath products. 

The Boon Frog Pod Bath Toy Scoop has adhesive strips and hardware for mounting which are included. This kit is BPA, PVC, and Phthalate free. It weighs about 3.8 pounds and the dimensions come in to be 16.3 x 6.7 18.9 inches. The maximum capacity weight holds about 10 pounds

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