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Boon Naked Collapsible Baby Bathtub Blue/White

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The Collapsible Infant Bathtub by Boon

The Collapsible Infant Bathtub by Boon

Bathtime is always fun, if your infant isn’t afraid of running water. With the Boon Naked Bathtub there are no more bathing dilemmas. The gigantic plastic tubs that take up too much room and are difficult to store, no longer need to be a part of your life. This user friendly product makes bathtime hassle free for parents. With many neat and practical features, you may even begin looking forward to cleaning up your baby. 

The legs and the base are slip resistant. The inside of the tub is adjustable so the infant can be in a more comfortable and reclined position or for those babies than can sit on their own, the base adjusts to a full tub position. 

The legs and the basin collapses to a flat position which locks in place and are collapsible for easy storage. There is a hook attached to product when folded, giving parents the option to hand it in storage or even on the back of a door. The Boon Naked Bathtub has it’s own drain plug so water can drain out without having to strain yourself lifting or tilting to get water out. 

The product weighs only 6.2 pounds and measures out when flat to 29.5 x 3.2 x 17.7 inches. 

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