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Boon Patch Drying Rack

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Boon Patch Drying Rack

Counters can easily get cluttered and sometimes it can be hard to find space to cook, let alone fit a drying rack. The Boon Patch Drying Rack fixes this by freeing up your counter space. It's slim design can easily fit on a window sill or between items. The Boon Patch Drying Rack makes drying battle items such as bottles and sippy cups simple. The patch is small enough to fit in tiny spaces but also large enough to fit many different items. The drying rack is 3.5" x 17.25" x 3" and is free of PVC, BpA, and Phthalate. Drying baby items is as simple as placing them on the rack. Water collects at the bottom of the tray so you can dry without worrying about towels or a mess.

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