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Tomy Boon Ripple Bath Mat

Tomy Boon Ripple Bath Mat

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Baby bath mats are adorable, cute and lovely! While they look appealing, there are some things about them that aren’t so cute… they can be a little stiff, they are really small and they are definitely traps for water! You don’t have to worry about any of these things that can grow more annoying each time you look at your baby bath mats.

Boon RIPPLE Bathtub Mats are large and cover a great portion of your tub! Not only are they large, but they are also soft and have a textured surface that aids to prevent any slipping that you may generally have to worry about! There is also a hook that is built into the mat so that you can hang it… there are also drain holes that will let out any water that may be trapped while it is hanging! This bathtub mat takes mats to a totally different level!


Features of Ripple Bath Mat

    • Large mat that will cover more of your bathtub
    • Textured surface that is really soft and prevents slipping
    • Built-in hook so it can hang dry
    • Drain holes that let any trapped water out
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