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Boon Scrub Bottle Brush

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Boon Scrub Bottle Brush

Tired of cleaning the baby bottles? Maybe you have experienced the struggle of getting every particle off and keeping it squeaky clean. You can say goodbye to your baby bottle cleaning sessions with the help of this Scrub Bottle Brush. This all in one bottle and nipple cleaner actually cleans your bottle with very minimal effort and is designed with a perfectly angled nylon bristle brush ensuring that every corner is caught when cleaning from top to bottom. It catches all the hard to reach places. You do not have to force the brush into the bottle.

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 Unlike other stiff brushes, the bristles are soft and flexible on the Scrub Bottle Brush by Boon. The silicone hand is textured making it easy to grip and not slip away when scrubbing those bottles. In fact, the top of the handle includes an integrated valve that fits perfectly into the nipple to thoroughly clean it. You no longer need to insert your fingers into the nipple. This Scrub Bottle Brush does it all. It cleans your bottles quickly and easily. The brush is long enough to be utilized on essentially any bottle and reach all areas of various shaped and sized bottle. It comes in a green and white color combination which parents love as it is simple, sleek, and modern.

The typical store bought sponge brushes tend to hold in bacteria on the brush and possibly even spread them on the bottles. This brush however, is very easy to clean and doesn’t have any hidden areas where bacteria can latch onto, build on, and spread. The overall dimensions include 10.8 inches long by 1.2 inches wide and 1.2 inches deep. It is compact, unique, giving it the ability to find its place almost anywhere in your kitchen.



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