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ComoTomo Natural Feel Baby Bottle 2 Pack

ComoTomo Natural Feel Baby Bottle 2 Pack

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ComoTomo™  Natural Feel Baby Bottle 2 Pack Facts

This Comotomo™ Natural Feel Baby Bottle 2 Pack is constructed of soft silicone to give it a natural feel and lets baby squeeze and latch as if breastfeeding. The nipple is designed for restricting flow and making bottle feeding more like breastfeeding. Vents prevent air intake, reducing colic. Bottles are microwave safe and will not leach toxic chemicals as they are heated. The bottle has a skin-like feel that comforts baby. These bottles let anyone feed baby while encouraging baby to continue to develop breastfeeding techniques.

Parents absolutely love the wide opening that makes cleaning a breeze. The innovative design prevents leaks and drips. If your baby is refusing bottles, Comotomo™ Natural Feel Baby Bottle is the answer. Because the design imitates natural breastfeeding, baby accepts it. The 5 ounce bottles include the Slow Flow ( 1 hole) nipple that are perfect for birth to 3 months of age. The 8 ounce bottles include the Medium Flow (2 hole) nipple that are for ages 3 to 6 months. Fast Flow and Variable Flow are available for purchase separately.

Comotomo™ are free of BPA and Nitrosamine which are commonly found in other bottles. They are dishwasher top shelf safe, won't shatter, crack or break so when baby gives it a toss, not only will it land in one piece, it won't leak either. These bottles are also bacteria resistant. Babies love these lightweight, durable, breast-like bottles as much as dads do.

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