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ComoTomo Replacement Nipple 2 pk

ComoTomo Replacement Nipple 2 pk

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 These replacement nipples are designed for Comotomo™ Baby Bottles specifically. Each 2 pk nipples are made of silicone and their unique design mimics natural breastfeeding.

Product Features of ComoTomo™  Replacement Nipple 2 pk

  • The soft silicone nipple is natural shaped which is ideal for babies for a smooth breast to bottle transition
  • The two innovative vents are designed to prevent colic as well as prevent leaking issues
  • Comotomo™ Replacement Nipples come in various flows to compliment your babies feeding growth 
  • 2 additional flow stages that are available to purchase separately:
  • The Fast Flow has 3 holes as is for infants 6 months and up
  • The Variable Flow has a unique Y shaped cut and is for thicker fluids for ages 6 months and up
    • These 2 pack Silicone nipples are dishwasher and microwave safe. They are BPA free.

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