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Baby Bogg Bag Seafoam Bogg Bag Waterproof Tote

Baby Bogg Bag Seafoam Bogg Bag Waterproof Tote

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 Baby Bogg Bag (small tote 15x13x5.25)

The Baby Bogg Bag is now available in "under the sea(foam)" Bogg. The Original Baby Bogg Bag is perfectly suited for a day trip or a night out. The future of fashion and function for mom and baby is tip- proof, washable, and durable. Spacious and sturdy, the Baby Bogg Bag Seafoam Bogg can safely store standing bottles or clothes. And don't worry about spills. The Bogg Bag is also washable-- simply dust off or rinse and you are off to your next adventure! is your authorized dealer for more Bogg Bags